The term is over but I would definitely bring important lessons that I have acquired from this course. I know that all the knowledge that I have gained will help in once I start my professional practice. This module has been very enlightening for me. It made me question myself, what type of teacher would I want to be in the future? To be honest I never really thought about it until this module.

The different concepts and principles that I have learned from this module made me realize what type of teacher I want to be in the future. I want to be the type of teacher who is not just good in transmitting knowledge but I also want to be a fun and interactive teacher. I want my students to be involve in all activities and be more involve in their learning. I want my them to develop their critical thinking skills and they should know how to apply the concepts that they have learned in real life. To be honest, I always feel that I don’t have an inch of creativity on my body. But since I have learned in this course the importance of being a creative teacher I would try my best to practice it. I want to create activities that is outside the box and fun to fully engage and motivate my students in learning.

After this course, I would try my best to continue to evolve and improve as a teacher and as learner.

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I always believe that learning is a life-long process. We don’t stop learning and educating ourselves because we have a college degree or because we think that we are the most intelligent person in the world. In this module, it gave me more reasons to believe that continuous learning and development can help you in achieving your goals and improving yourself.

People who doesn’t stop learning continues to search for new and better ways. They are not scared to discover new things and fail because this all part of the learning process. I think it is important that we teach our students that learning is not just limited in books and in schools. Learning can happen anywhere and anytime. We can learn from our experiences and our mistakes and we should not be afraid in new learning opportunities.

In this module, I have also learned the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) for the improvement of our skills and knowledge. I think that CPD is not only for teachers but this is also very helpful to other professionals in various fields. It is important that we continue to develop our professional skills to stay competent, competitive and reliable to our job. This would also help us be up to date in the development of technology, knowledge and skills. We need to remember that development is an ongoing process throughout our professional career.




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