The term is over but I would definitely bring important lessons that I have acquired from this course. I know that all the knowledge that I have gained will help in once I start my professional practice. This module has been very enlightening for me. It made me question myself, what type of teacher would I want to be in the future? To be honest I never really thought about it until this module.

The different concepts and principles that I have learned from this module made me realize what type of teacher I want to be in the future. I want to be the type of teacher who is not just good in transmitting knowledge but I also want to be a fun and interactive teacher. I want my students to be involve in all activities and be more involve in their learning. I want my them to develop their critical thinking skills and they should know how to apply the concepts that they have learned in real life. To be honest, I always feel that I don’t have an inch of creativity on my body. But since I have learned in this course the importance of being a creative teacher I would try my best to practice it. I want to create activities that is outside the box and fun to fully engage and motivate my students in learning.

After this course, I would try my best to continue to evolve and improve as a teacher and as learner.

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