In this module, I have learned how the education system is slowly changing from the traditional and passive classroom setting to the more interactive and learner approach system. In my experience as a student most of my teachers in elementary and high school are more on the traditional type were the students are expected to seat and listen while the teacher is discussing. It was very different when I started college because it was expected that students will participate on every discussion. Some of our professor would let us do role plays, debates, group activities, we also have field trips and other activities that will help develop your higher thinking skills and apply what we have learned in the discussions. But I have come to realize that it was hard for public school teachers to switch from the traditional system to interactive and learner approach system because of the number of students per classroom and the lack of resources. The curriculum also from public schools are strictly mandated by the government.

I think the education system here in the Philippines is very focused on grades and we have a teaching strategy and curriculum that is very outdated in my opinion and the “one-size-fits-all” treatment. After the implementation of the k-12 program in the Philippines the government should also focus on how to improve the other issues that our education system is facing right now. According to some stakeholders, the implementation of the k-12 program is the key of our nation’s development and it help Filipinos gain competitive edge in the international community. But I don’t see any other changes of our education system aside from the additional 2 years of the basic education. We are still facing the same problems for decades like lack of schools, classroom, teachers, teaching and learning materials and many others.

Education has the biggest chunk of the national budget but despite having the lion’s share the problems in education is still not resolve. I think this is because of mishandling of funds, corruption and personal interest. Hopefully, in the years to come we can see changes for the betterment of the future generations.


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