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I always thought that being a teacher is easy and I also thought that they are very lucky because they still have summer breaks and Christmas breaks. Yes, I was very shallow but it changed when I hear on hand experiences of my friends who are teachers and when I started teaching English online. I realize being a teacher was not a very easy profession.

In this module, I have learned more about the complexity of being a teacher. A degree, license and mastery in a certain subject will not guarantee that you will be an effective teacher. There are other aspects you need to learn and experience to be an effective teacher. I remember when I was in college, I have math teacher who was very intelligent and knowledgeable on the subject. He majored mathematics in college and graduated Magna Cum luade but it was his was his first year in teaching and we find his lessons difficult. During that time, we felt that he was explaining it as if we were at his level of mastery in the subject.

After studying this module, I realize maybe at that time he really did not know how to teach us or since it was his first year in teaching he doesn’t know yet how to adjust his teaching methods. This a proof that no matter how knowledgeable you are on the subject it will not guarantee that you will be an effective teacher. Effective learning requires more than just set of knowledge. While teacher knowledge is certainly a component of teacher professionalism, professional competence involves more than just knowledge. Skills, attitudes, and motivational variables also contribute to the mastery of teaching and learning (OECD).

I also learned in this module, how technology can be integrated in learning and teaching. Since, we are in the generation were advanced technology is very accessible I think it is the time that we fully embraced it in the field of education. I know there a lot of apprehension on integrating technology in education because if it is not managed correctly it can be destructive to students. Teaching and learning with technology could be very complicated but with the help of TPACK framework, teachers can continue to develop and improve their teaching strategy to help students learn.



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